How to Install Bharteya (Indian) Language Fonts in Windows XP

Recently I was struggling to view some of the sites that were written in Hindi and Bengali so I tried out a simple technique to make things visible.

Method 1(Recommended):
Firefox Mod for Viewing Sites:
In Firefox we have the Extension known as Padma Transcriptor for Indic fonts.
Installing this would also help you to view the Bharteya language sites.

Method 2:
These are the Steps I followed on my Windows XP SP2:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on the Regional Settings Icon

3. Select the Language Tab

4. Select the First Option to install the other language support file, but make sure you have a Windows XP CD inserted since they would use the CD for installing the Fonts

Hope that after this all the Bharteya Fonts would start working.


About boseji

Bharteya Anusandhankarta ( Indian Researcher)
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