How can I add fonts to OpenOffice in linux?

Exit OpenOffice and then run the spadmin program (located in your directory) and click on the “Fonts” button. 

To do this:

  • Go to the Terminal window and change directory to “/usr/lib/openoffice/program”[for Ubuntu 9.10] or search for “spadmin” script file.
  • Run the spadmin file [if it asks how to run Click on Run
  • After pressing the Run button the next dialog appears. Then Click on the “Fonts” button.

  • Next the Font Dialog opens and shows all the fonts that are present in the system. Now the easy way to install new or additional fonts from “Windows\fonts” directory is to mount your widows partition or hdd and copy all the contents of “C:\Windows\fonts” to a local folder in your Home directory.
  • Click on “Add..” button and point to the directory containing the Fonts [Note:”this only works if the directory is in your local file system and not on the Windows partition”]. Then select all the fonts to be added from list, done by selecting the directory first where you copied the font files.
  • All font files in the directory would be now shown in the list.
  • Click on “Select All” to select the font files to be added and then click on OK.
  • Your are done, the new fonts would then show up in the font dialog, Click on Close and exit the application before starting any other OpenOffice application.
Hope that this would help.

About boseji

Bharteya Anusandhankarta ( Indian Researcher)
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