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VI.K.A.S Updates – I

These are the Updates on the progress of my project VIKAS(VIllage Komputing Agricultural System): 20-MAY-2010:  Clock Out Code is now Working – Need to check for the Alternate Clock Sources and configuration 06-MAY-2010: Rearranged the SVN directories for better outlay … Continue reading

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FT232: FTDI’s Bit Bang using Python (Parallel Port Replaced !!)

I tired using the FTDI’s FT232R USB to Serial chip for the Bit bang type of application using the D2XX mode driver in Python.The Bit-Bang mode of the FT232R chip is detailed in the FTDI Application note AN232R-01.It was amazingly … Continue reading

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VLSI Layout Tools

I was recently searching for some open tools to get started with VLSI Layout design and also for simulating them with varying features. Listed below are the options that I found: Electric – from Static Free SoftwareThis is a Java … Continue reading

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Arduino Programming : using on board FT232

This is another innovation from Kimio Kosaka where the Arduino chip is programmed with the required bootloader using FT232 chip on-board the Arduino.

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Single Chip Arduino:Crazy !!

Today I saw one of the the most Awesome projects: SingleChipArduino . I could not believe the amount of work that went in to creating this piece of Art. I congratulate Kimio Kosaka on this creative feet. Another part that … Continue reading

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