Electronics Shops

Listed are some of the shops that I am acquainted with

Tenet Technetronics
Most of the ARM based kits and wireless stuff as well as kits/parts from Sparkfun , Embest and ThaiEasyElec
An oldie in this business, all ‘Electronics For You’ Magazine projects and Now they stock from Farnell also
Costly but sells good collection of items
Lots of Ready made robotics platforms as well as accesorries
Robotic Accessories, Batteries (Li-on) and dev-kits. Reasonable price for had to find accessories.
NSK Electronics
Specializes in Dev-kits, GSM-GPRS, ARM, CPLD, Thermal Printer, PLC etc.

Little costly but have wide variety
Mostly well known for SBC and ARM based kits, USB Oscilloscope.
All types of things starting from Arduinos to SBCs. Complete Touch Screen SBCs also Available.
4D Systems
Graphics and Multimedia oriented company selling both Propitiatory chips as well as kits for storage as well as LCD, OLED, Touch Screen Displays and TFT Displays.
TechToys Hong kong
LCD and Graphics controllers + some rare parts
Premium supplier of Dev-Kits for many microcontroller platforms.


About boseji

Bharteya Anusandhankarta ( Indian Researcher)
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