MSP430 LaunchPad: Update

I got two of the MSP430F2231 micro samples from TI. Also was able to get an order placed for MSP-EXP430G2 (Launch Pad Development Kit). Cant wait to have one of them on my table !!
Well for now I am planning to use the kits to build my micro sensory network that I was planning for long. And Also a trusty Digitally controlled Power supply for my projects.

About boseji

Bharteya Anusandhankarta ( Indian Researcher)
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4 Responses to MSP430 LaunchPad: Update

  1. NJC says:

    Very cool blog! I hope you will be writing up a few posts on your micro-sensor network when you end up getting your LaunchPad! One thing I would like to learn more about, are what kinds of super low power wireless options are available.

    Also, what do you plan on doing with the digitally controlled power supply? Any idea what chips you will be using? I am almost to the point of choosing a regulator for my project, and have a bit to learn about power regulation and power supplies.


  2. boseji says:

    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I would post my development once I am ready. At present I am editing some tips and tricks that I invented during my recent project Samay1.

    Yes Digitally controlled power supply, with MSP430 controlling, Nice Idea. I have made several switching and linear supplies but mostly fixed not much variation. However I know the basics that might be of help. Possibly I wish to have one on my desk too. Let me know your requirements on email.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Kartik says:

    Hi! …nice blog! 🙂 …I am also interested in getting a MSP430 LaunchPad for myself ..I have a few questions regarding your purchase
    1.What was the final cost?
    2.Do you need to order online,or can you buy from any TI India branch?
    3.How long did it take to ship?

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Boseji says:


    We recently received the LaunchPad Kits. Although we had ordered them long back.
    Not sure of the cost since we did not receive any bills yet on our accounts. Initially we tried to order online some time in June but after repeated failure we contacted TI Asia support. They helped us in ordering. It normally takes only 3 days to ship from US.
    Hope that your questions are answered.

    Warm Regards,

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