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Pro-Mboard: Development Board for Mbed

We designed a board to help us in prototyping the Mbed board out side the bread-boards.When we started out prototyping using Mbed we realized that all the boards available for Mbed were either needed to shipped from outside or we … Continue reading

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Chess Becomes Harder: Thanks to Quantum Physics

Adding a twist to the normal Chess game using the uncertainty of the Quantum Mechanics makes thing more difficult.Queen’s University computer scientists have invented a new version of chess where its nearly impossible to predict the nature of a piece before hand. … Continue reading

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Rainbow in Nano: Micro Carvings Make Metals Glisten In Any Colour

Optoelectronics engineers have discovered how to make gold of any colour by carving tiny shapes onto its surface. Then we may have some stickers directly printed on the metal surface. Gold absorbs blue light and this produces its characteristic yellow … Continue reading

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Debounce a Button: A Common Problem

De-bouncing a button has been a challenge for any embedded engineer. Well not to say “challenging:, it is always a nagging stuff. Some time you trade with time, code space or some other resource. Hack-A-Day organized an event to collect … Continue reading

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Mini CNC out of PC Part

We cam across an recent innovation in building a small CNC from PC parts. Mike is a PCB designer with 3D modeling experience, cool. He built it at the cost of only USD45. The website includes some basic building instructions. … Continue reading

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File Restore for NTFS & FAT

We recently came across an utility FreeUndelete from Office to recover the files on NTFS and FAT partitions. This is available for Free as personal use. FreeUndelete restores deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin. In case of … Continue reading

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Geek Visiting Card – In Style

We came across Frank’s innovation in making his own Business card using a ATtiny85 microcontroller running the AVR bit-bang V-USB stack. When the Caps lock key is pressed thrice then this card prints out the complete contact information on Notepad. … Continue reading

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Testing What you Manufacture: The Pogo Pin Guide

There was a nice tutorial by Lady Ada on the Website. This demonstrates how to make test jigs for the Porto or Manufactured PCBs. This site contains most of the explicit instructions on how to make your own jigs using … Continue reading

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