Pro-Mboard: Development Board for Mbed

We designed a board to help us in prototyping the Mbed board out side the bread-boards.
When we started out prototyping using Mbed we realized that all the boards available for Mbed were either needed to shipped from outside or we costly from our budget perspective.

For this we designed our own Pro-Mboard. The board’s intent was to serve the following objectives:

1. Need for additional access pins to the same SPI bus (For Multiple SPI nodes)
2. General Purpose area for riging up Custom Circuits
3. Access to SD Card slot, USB Device/Host connection
4. Ethernet connection with Magnetics and LED
5. Serial port on FT232 for easy debugging and monitoring apart from Mbed’s Windows Serial Port
6. Selectable Powering Options
7. Enough Power Busses for connections to other Hardware.
8. Low Cost

Here is what we have:

Pro-Mboard Rev0.1

Schematics Rev0.1 PNG
Schematics Rev0.1 PDF

We have the First Revision of the PCB already available and right now the Component Assembly is in progress. Expect some pictures by 6-DEC-2010.

We would like to request your feedback on the design and also if there are furthere improvements that can be performed.


About boseji

Bharteya Anusandhankarta ( Indian Researcher)
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