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MinGW: pexports for Windows DLLs

We were trying to extract the MinGW compatible library for FTDI driver DLL, this is part of the d2xx Project for PyUSB – Python Based FT232 Bit Banging Tutorial. This was part of upgrading the PyUSB package for Python 2.7 … Continue reading

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Versaloon Platform: One Debugger for All Microcontrollers

Versaloon Platform is an Completely Open-source project which dedicates itself to USB to Anything protocol. It is a versatile device that can be used to program a verity of Microcontroller and also act as a Debug Host. At present is … Continue reading

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Pro-Mboard: Development Board for Mbed Preview Pictures

Recently, We were able to Soldered and test the Pro-Mboard that we posted earlier. Here are a few Pics: Top View Bottom View However we quickly noticed a problem that the Rev0.1 had a non connected ground in USB connector … Continue reading

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Nano Radio Receiver out of Graphene Sheet

Researchers Yuehang Xu and his team at Columbia University in New York has been able to make a nano scale Radio receiver using Graphene Sheet. They buit nanotrampoline out of graphene that can directly detect radio frequency signals, paving the … Continue reading

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Multi Threshold Voltage CPLD: Altera MAX V

The latest in Low Power CPLD design the Altera’s Max V line of CPLDs. Now the Dynamic Power Consumption( P=F.C.V2 ) can be brought down significantly. These work on an single 1.8V supply and can support I/O logics of 3.3,1.2,1.8,2.5V. Also … Continue reading

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