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ExpEYES: Open Source Initiative to Physics learning through Experiments

We came across an astounding development made by our Bharteya(Indian) Students at Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi. This project is call the ExpEYES and is targeted to help students in universities and school to perform Science Experiments, Projects and Demonstration of concepts. The design … Continue reading

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Excel Sheet Password Protection

Here is the procedure to Protect a Excel Sheet from Opening & Modifications in MS Office 2003.Step1: Go to:  Tool Bar Menu “Tools”  ==> Select the Item “Options…”Step2: Select the “Security” Tab Picture of the Excel Sheet Options Window Step3: … Continue reading

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Fusion Reactor @ Home : Physics Redefined

Will Jack was able to build a proto model of a fusion reactor at home. Source: This type of device is the way to the future of clean energy. However achieving it at home is another thing, paving way … Continue reading

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Solar Charger Using 555 : Simplest Approach to Battery Charging

We came across an innovative Solar Charge based on 555 developed by Michael Davis. The best part of the design is that its so cost constrained/ Low Cost that any one in any place in the world can build this … Continue reading

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MSP430 Launch Pad Empowered by Arduino Style

We found some support Libraries being wrote for the MSP430 Launch Pad to support Arduino Style Coding. This library was developed by Chris Hulbert to be compiled on CCS or IAR for MSP430 and is available on gitHub.This library provides … Continue reading

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Utilizing 2.5" Laptop Hard Disk in Desktop PC

We found how to make use of a 2.5″ SATA Hard Disk commonly used in Laptop in an normal Desktop. Conventional SATA HDD used in Laptops The reasons for using this is to decrease the HDD noise, lower power consumption … Continue reading

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