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Compiling mspdebug for Windows using MinGW

We were trying to compile the windows version of Mspdebug from its source. In this post we would detail the dependencies that needed to be taken care off and how to make the Mspdebug-0.18build with MinGW. First let us browse … Continue reading

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MSP430F5310 Breakout

We recently developed our first MSP430F53XX breakout board. This board was targeted for developing advanced applications on MSP430. We have hosted this project as an Open Source Hardware project on Github. Here is a preview of the schematics: This … Continue reading

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Removal of old Serial Port entries and COM port Re-assignment in Windows

Many time we have see that we are stuck with some odd serial port Numbers such as COM58, COM86 and all. We were bugged up with this issue as we have several Bluetooth dongles and each creates it own set … Continue reading

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TI Unleashed the Revolution (Palm Sized) – BeagleBone

BeagleBone is a new development board from TI in the BeagleBoard Series. This brings nearly the same power of the other Beagleboards right into palm of your hand. This board contains the AM335x Family of Sitara Arm(r) Cortex-A8 processor. Here are some vitals about this … Continue reading

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Happy Deepawali 2011

We would like to wish you a Prosperous, & Happiness filled Deepawali(दीपावली).

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Remove Trace of USB Devices plugged into a PC

We found a little piece of software that could help to remove the trace of USB devices such as Pen Drives, Flash Disks, or your custom hardware. We were trying to check the USB driver installation of one of our … Continue reading

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Flying Saucers: Superconductor Magic

We came across this innovative video showing the Magnetic Levitation using super cooled materials. This demonstrates Quantum Trapping phenomenon in super conductors at low temperatures.

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Android on X86: We have Google’s Power

We were overjoyed to hear that Intel x86 can now run Android. That would mean the Host and Targets can some day have the same platform for development. This is Great news!! Here is the link to the Project page: … Continue reading

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Bread Board Tips and Tricks: Beginner to Proficient(Incomplete!!)

## NOTE: This tutorial is still incomplete however we would like your Thoughts to flow In and help us out We have all used breadboards, or those who plan to jump into the fascinating world of electronics need to know … Continue reading

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Small is IN:Single molecule is tiniest electric motor ever

There has been a remarkable advancement in performing Molecular arrangements which pave way for useful NanoElectronics in the Future. Here is what we came across recently: The smallest motor ever made and that’s why its contesting in the Guinness World Records. Molecules have … Continue reading

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