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Flying Saucers: Superconductor Magic

We came across this innovative video showing the Magnetic Levitation using super cooled materials. This demonstrates Quantum Trapping phenomenon in super conductors at low temperatures. Advertisements

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Small is IN:Single molecule is tiniest electric motor ever

There has been a remarkable advancement in performing Molecular arrangements which pave way for useful NanoElectronics in the Future. Here is what we came across recently: The smallest motor ever made and that’s why its contesting in the Guinness World Records. Molecules have … Continue reading

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Fusion Reactor @ Home : Physics Redefined

Will Jack was able to build a proto model of a fusion reactor at home. Source: This type of device is the way to the future of clean energy. However achieving it at home is another thing, paving way … Continue reading

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Glass Stonger than Steel with Palladium implant

In the world of materials, strength (the amount of force a substance can withstand) and toughness (its capacity to resist fracturing) are not merely different attributes; they’re very difficult to achieve together. Now a collaboration of researchers from Caltech and … Continue reading

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Nano Radio Receiver out of Graphene Sheet

Researchers Yuehang Xu and his team at Columbia University in New York has been able to make a nano scale Radio receiver using Graphene Sheet. They buit nanotrampoline out of graphene that can directly detect radio frequency signals, paving the … Continue reading

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Chess Becomes Harder: Thanks to Quantum Physics

Adding a twist to the normal Chess game using the uncertainty of the Quantum Mechanics makes thing more difficult.Queen’s University computer scientists have invented a new version of chess where its nearly impossible to predict the nature of a piece before hand. … Continue reading

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