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MSP430F5310 Breakout

We recently developed our first MSP430F53XX breakout board. This board was targeted for developing advanced applications on MSP430. We have hosted this project as an Open Source Hardware project on Github. Here is a preview of the schematics: This … Continue reading

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TI Unleashed the Revolution (Palm Sized) – BeagleBone

BeagleBone is a new development board from TI in the BeagleBoard Series. This brings nearly the same power of the other Beagleboards right into palm of your hand. This board contains the AM335x Family of Sitara Arm(r) Cortex-A8 processor. Here are some vitals about this … Continue reading

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MSP430 JTAG & Spy-By-Wire Connections

Some time people mistake the connections for the common MSP430 debug interfaces. Specifically in our new board we ran into some issues. So here are some pictures to help you. Spy-By-Wire Connection Jtag Connection Hope that this would help.

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MSP430 Launch Pad Empowered by Arduino Style

We found some support Libraries being wrote for the MSP430 Launch Pad to support Arduino Style Coding. This library was developed by Chris Hulbert to be compiled on CCS or IAR for MSP430 and is available on gitHub.This library provides … Continue reading

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TI’s Flying Mouse – A Chronos Miracle

I came across an innovative application of Wireless, Accelerometer and Microcontrollers. Its called the TI’s Flying Mouse. This is built around the Chronos Ez430 RF Development kit. This basically is a 868MHz/915MHz RF band link with the CC430 based … Continue reading

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CookHa – Cooking Helper

CookHa – Cooking Helper Design MSP430 Ultra-Low Power ChallengeLink to the Contest Entry Introduction Cooking has been the one of the most important tasks since the dawn of human history. The progress in this field has been very significant both … Continue reading

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