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Removal of old Serial Port entries and COM port Re-assignment in Windows

Many time we have see that we are stuck with some odd serial port Numbers such as COM58, COM86 and all. We were bugged up with this issue as we have several Bluetooth dongles and each creates it own set … Continue reading

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Bread Board Tips and Tricks: Beginner to Proficient(Incomplete!!)

## NOTE: This tutorial is still incomplete however we would like your Thoughts to flow In and help us out We have all used breadboards, or those who plan to jump into the fascinating world of electronics need to know … Continue reading

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Audioino: Arduino programmable via sound card

Here’s a unique way to program an Arduino chip: using your computer’s sound card! Chris from the hobby-roboter forum provides the details on this amazing hack in his forum post.The process simply requires the Atmega168 to be programmed with Chris’ special audio … Continue reading

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Scripting Android(SL4A) with Python on LG Optimux P500

We got our first Android Phone LG Optimus P500 with Android 2.2 Version. This phone has 512MB of internal RAM which is good to give a decent performance. We did not limit us to this, we wanted to make some … Continue reading

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Quick Response Code: Details

We always wondered what and how the QR code came into play. This remained a shady fact that we used it couple of times on the mobile phone for URI catching but never got to find the real designs behind … Continue reading

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MSP430 JTAG & Spy-By-Wire Connections

Some time people mistake the connections for the common MSP430 debug interfaces. Specifically in our new board we ran into some issues. So here are some pictures to help you. Spy-By-Wire Connection Jtag Connection Hope that this would help.

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Wiring Pen: For next gen in DIY prototyping

We came across ELM chaN’s website and wondered at how soldering can be an Art. Source: ELM chaN Website In hopes to be able to make this possible, we read through the entire tutorial on Wiring Pen & how UEW … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview: MSP430 Dev Board

We were into the development of an MSP430 board for our Projects. This was the reason we were a bit late in posting. Here are a few pics to help you get an idea: This hardware would be a completely OSHW compliant would be … Continue reading

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ExpEYES: Open Source Initiative to Physics learning through Experiments

We came across an astounding development made by our Bharteya(Indian) Students at Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi. This project is call the ExpEYES and is targeted to help students in universities and school to perform Science Experiments, Projects and Demonstration of concepts. The design … Continue reading

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Excel Sheet Password Protection

Here is the procedure to Protect a Excel Sheet from Opening & Modifications in MS Office 2003.Step1: Go to:  Tool Bar Menu “Tools”  ==> Select the Item “Options…”Step2: Select the “Security” Tab Picture of the Excel Sheet Options Window Step3: … Continue reading

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