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Remove Trace of USB Devices plugged into a PC

We found a little piece of software that could help to remove the trace of USB devices such as Pen Drives, Flash Disks, or your custom hardware. We were trying to check the USB driver installation of one of our … Continue reading

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AVR Programmer ISP: STK200 using Old PC Hard Disk PATA port

We found this awesome cheap technique to convert you PC Hard Disk port into Parallel Port and then use it as STK200 for programming AVR. This is made possible in Linux – well the hacker’s friend. Courtesy: This implementation … Continue reading

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Processing.js : Java Script Revolution powered by Processing

Processing.js is the Java Script version of the Original Processing designed with Java. Now the sketches can me written and used on the websites seamlessly. Processing.js makes your data visualizations, digital art, interactive animations, educational graphs, video games, etc. work using web … Continue reading

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Art of Reverse Embedded Engineering: 27C3 Chaos Communications Congress

We came across the proceedings of the 27C3 Chaos Communications Congress held at Berlin Germany; which can easily be considered at the heaven for the Hackers. Innovators Nathan Fain and Vadik presented their topic JTAG/Serial/FLASH/PCB Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques. of for-most importance to … Continue reading

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Debounce a Button: A Common Problem

De-bouncing a button has been a challenge for any embedded engineer. Well not to say “challenging:, it is always a nagging stuff. Some time you trade with time, code space or some other resource. Hack-A-Day organized an event to collect … Continue reading

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Mini CNC out of PC Part

We cam across an recent innovation in building a small CNC from PC parts. Mike is a PCB designer with 3D modeling experience, cool. He built it at the cost of only USD45. The website includes some basic building instructions. … Continue reading

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File Restore for NTFS & FAT

We recently came across an utility FreeUndelete from Office to recover the files on NTFS and FAT partitions. This is available for Free as personal use. FreeUndelete restores deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin. In case of … Continue reading

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Geek Visiting Card – In Style

We came across Frank’s innovation in making his own Business card using a ATtiny85 microcontroller running the AVR bit-bang V-USB stack. When the Caps lock key is pressed thrice then this card prints out the complete contact information on Notepad. … Continue reading

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Save the Pen Drive from Infection (a.k.a USB Storage Protection)

Recently I found a trick to make my Pen Drives safe. This was to say that if you connect to an Infected PC you may be spared by warnings only. In fact as per study the majority of people who … Continue reading

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WAVE sound File in PCM Format: Long Lost treasure Hunt

I had always wanted to play and decode the WAVE file properly. I had little success on this using the Microchip’s MDD File System in my Project L.A.T.H.I. Recently I came across a wonder full article and am publishing the … Continue reading

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